Get the Nudge You Need for Your Book Idea

Get the Nudge You Need for Your Book Idea Using IFS and a book coach to get published

Many of you know I’m writing a book on our stress response. Much of that progress I owe to the assistance of two development editors recommended by the amazing team at Girl Friday Productions: Shannon O’Neill and Marisa Solis. They provided accountability, structure, and editorial guidance on all aspects of the publication process from writing […]

IFS Riches

IFS Riches Richard Schwartz and Rich Roll

Richard Schwartz joined the Rich Roll podcast providing an overview of internal family systems. After walking through the model including examples of our inherited baggage, Rich obliged him by reluctantly doing a demo. For Rich’s sake, I wish they would have stopped recording so his self-conscious parts could have relaxed for even deeper work. Nonetheless, […]

And Now Elizabeth Gilbert is on the IFS Bandwagon!

And Now Elizabeth Gilbert is on the IFS Bandwagon! Richard Schwartz and Elizabeth Gilbert on Sounds True

Glennon. Oprah. Liz.  Yes. The Eat, Pray, Love author is onboard with IFS. She’ll be in conversation with IFS founder Richard Schwartz and Sounds True CEO Tami Simon on May 22 for a conversation on creativity, spirituality, and two-way prayer. This is the first in a three-part series where Tami, Richard, and guests will discuss […]

Career Bounceback!

Career Bounceback! Jenny Zenner and Jeremy Schifeling

In the spirit of giving back having weathered two layoffs, I’m cohosting a workshop with tech veteran and fellow career coach Jeremy Schifeling. Whether you’ve been laid off, wondering if you’re next, or just really wanting something new, join us as we walk you through making a career move. During this free workshop, we will […]