Live with Grace.

Bring your stress response beyond fight or flight.

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Welcome to the Stress Arena of Life


Do obstacles keep coming at you?
(With no end in sight.)


Stress. No End in SIght.
Climbing Mount Maslow
Do you want a piece of the peak?
But feel like you're stuck in the stress of it all.


Would you like a way out, around or through?
Stress Response Playbook
Cope to hope to GRACE
You're in the right place!
My Stress Response Playbook takes you beyond fight or flight to Grace.


Hello my name is Grace

Because from what I've found...


Stressors in life are not going away.


We all want to feel safe from these stressful threats (having backup helps).


We have seven (not just two) built-in responses trying to keep us safe.


Our goal shouldn’t be to eliminate these responses but to enlist them as needed.


When we do, we can respond to stress effectively, with what I like to call Grace.



Coach. Author. Speaker.

Through her collegiate career as a hurdler, Jenny Zenner voluntarily sprinted at stationary objects for a decade. Now she coaches clients to hurdle their figurative and literal objects to live with grace.

Hurdles in a race are evenly spaced at a precise height with a finish line in sight. Alas, life is not so predictable. Your hurdles may seem insurmountable or relentless. When we faceplant, sometimes we can pick ourselves right up and run on our merry way. Other times we need to lie there and nurse our wounds before we bounce back. Often we need a hand to peel ourselves off the turf of life.

Here's where Zenner can help. Because who doesn't want more hell yes than hot mess?

No matter what your obstacles are, if it feels like you're knee-deep, Zenner can provide you with a path out, around, over, or through. She applies a unique take on our stress response – polyvagal theory meets internal family systems – in her coaching approach.

Currently, Zenner is available for private coaching sessions, speaking engagements, and workshops. Stay tuned for updates on her forthcoming book The Stress Response Playbook: Beyond Fight or Flight to Grace and the corresponding course.

Hurdle your obstacles.

Join me.

Hurdle your obstacles.