Through her workshops, coaching, and writing, Jenny Zenner shares her own hard-won wisdom to help others grow what she likes to call grace. Zenner applies a unique take on our stress response — polyvagal theory meets internal family systems — in her approach.



Does life or your career have you feeling overwhelmed...or underwhelmed? Has burnout built up? Are you facing obstacles and want a way over, around, or through? If so, Zenner is here for you. Her personal coaching approach incorporates internal family systems applied through her      F-ing A Framework.

Coaching services are provided on a sliding fee scale.



Could your team use some attention, recognition, appreciation for all that's been thrown at them? In short, could they use some grace? Great. Book a Stress Response Playbook workshop for your group where Zenner will introduce the F-ing A Framework. If you're ready to really dive in, book the full series where you will do a deep dive to gain insight into your stress responses and build the skills to respond with grace.