Get the Nudge You Need for Your Book Idea

Using IFS and a book coach to get published

Many of you know I’m writing a book on our stress response. Much of that progress I owe to the assistance of two development editors recommended by the amazing team at Girl Friday Productions: Shannon O’Neill and Marisa Solis. They provided accountability, structure, and editorial guidance on all aspects of the publication process from writing my book proposal to querying and positioning.

Writing, like endurance sports, can be a lonely endeavor. Collaborating with a book coach offered me the support to mobilize myself toward major milestones in my manuscript. Sometimes the creative parts in us need company.

So do you have a book idea in you and need a nudge to get it written? Join me with Marisa and Elizabeth Dougherty on March 4th at 5PM PST to learn more. I’ll also share how I leverage internal family systems (IFS) parts work in my process. Register here.