April 2013

It's the Gluten, Grandpa

I need to confess. I’m a descendant of a long line of wheat farmers and our house is going gluten-free. That’s right, we purged the Pillsbury pie crusts, converted to rice pasta, and munch on nut crackers. Grandpa Al must be rolling over in his grave, but I’m married to a new man. My father […]

Feed What's Hungry

We are bred to be vigilant, scanning for threats to our wellbeing. Our fight, flight, or freeze response is central to our survival as a species. When our energy stores start to dip, our bodies begin to get anxious, sensing the risk of hunger.  Unfortunately, that anxious feeling we get when hunger approaches feels a […]


As you ponder the workload of parenting, efforts to pay equal attention to the kids, your own attempts at self-care, life with multiples rarely feels balanced, even, or equal. If you’re feeling pulled to extremes, look toward March 20th, the spring equinox, a day of equal daylight and darkness, the tipping point from winter into […]