As you ponder the workload of parenting, efforts to pay equal attention to the kids, your own attempts at self-care, life with multiples rarely feels balanced, even, or equal. If you’re feeling pulled to extremes, look toward March 20th, the spring equinox, a day of equal daylight and darkness, the tipping point from winter into summer. In honor of this balance in nature, here is a guided meditation for finding some of your own balance.

To begin, find a quiet spot (use earplugs if needed to block noise) and settle into a comfortable position, seated or horizontal. If you’re expecting multiples, my advice is to go find yourself a recliner at Goodwill if you don’t already have one in an attempt to find relief. Once you’re settled, close your eyes, and send your attention to your breath. As you inhale, fill your lungs from the top down, opening through your rib cage, expanding progressively through your stomach and releasing down to your pelvic floor. Exhale the air out from the bottom up, integrating your Kegle exercises, pulling your belly button toward your spine, and contracting through your rib cage. I realize that the farther along you are in your pregnancy the more ridiculous this will sound. Do what you can.

Once you’re in a comfortable rhythm, use the following mental prompts:

With each breath in, I nourish myself.

With each breath out, I nourish my family.

Breathing in strength.

Breathing out strength.

Breathing in calm.

Breathing out calm.

Breathing in balance.

Breathing out balance.

Breathing in.

Breathing out.

Happy equinox to you!

(originally published in the Eastside Moms of Multiples monthly newsletter)