Get Some Holiday Health

As we dive into the holidays, here are some tricks to fend off weight gain, none of which involve exercise.

Get It Out of Sight: We can use the same tricks on ourselves that we use on our kids. While you’re hiding presents from prying little eyes, identify a place for your own stockpile. We’re less likely to mindlessly munch when we have to go looking for treats. If you do have a stockpile of holiday sweets, keep them tucked away in covered containers.

Get Sleep: There’s bountiful evidence that the number one thing we can do for our health is to get enough sleep. How much is enough? For adults, 8 hours is the magic number. When we dip below 7 hours, our bodies accumulate the stress hormone cortisol and our glucose tolerance is impaired. What does this combination mean? It’s a cruel trick. We feel agitated and more hungry during the day, are less aware when we are full–so keep eating, and are more prone to store fat. Simply getting 8 hours of sleep protects against this metabolic sabotage. So aside from sleep training those newborns and quickly as possible, how does a parent of multiples attempt to get sleep, especially during the holidays?

Get Perspective: Tis the season to look at what is really important for your family traditions, all things considered. What traditions feel manageable and bring you joy? Where can you ask for help or decline a request? Remember, you can revisit a tradition in later years if you don’t get around to it this year.

Hide, sleep, and save it for next year!

(originally published in the Eastside Moms of Multiples monthly newsletter)