Positive Psychology

Get Some Holiday Health

As we dive into the holidays, here are some tricks to fend off weight gain, none of which involve exercise. Get It Out of Sight: We can use the same tricks on ourselves that we use on our kids. While you’re hiding presents from prying little eyes, identify a place for your own stockpile. We’re […]

Picturing Yoga for Me

Jenny Zenner on Yoga Journal When I saw the Athleta & Yoga Journal competition asking to submit photos I turned to my husband who has a nice set of camera gear to get a shot to submit. Yoga has been a lifesaver for me, especially over the past few years as a new mom to […]

Gratitude It Is

We are habituated to look at the negative versus focus on the positive. Network news does it. Religion does it. We do it in our own conversations. Raised Catholic, Lent provided a season that often meant giving up something that was seen as bad or indulgent. Though I’m no longer a practicing Catholic, each year […]


Prose+Pose™ is officially launching this month! On March 15th at 7pm, we’ll be sharing Seligman’s Authentic Happiness together at 5focus. Prose+Pose™ emerged out of my own desire to join a book club as I continue to explore the writings that inform and inspire my yoga teaching while feeling pressed to fit anything into my schedule as a MoM […]

Occupy a Board Seat

Through the fall and winter as I read of the various occupy demonstrations across the country and weekly drove past the Seattle encampment, I challenged the unrest, envisioning in the trenches action. Action through volunteerism. My business school graduation coincided with the last recession, and I found myself living in a new city without a job and since […]