Prose+Pose™ is officially launching this month! On March 15th at 7pm, we’ll be sharing Seligman’s Authentic Happiness together at 5focus. Prose+Pose™ emerged out of my own desire to join a book club as I continue to explore the writings that inform and inspire my yoga teaching while feeling pressed to fit anything into my schedule as a MoM (mom of multiples). As a result, I have joined the two into an evening book discussion coupled with vinyasa yoga. Come explore the roots of Seeds Yoga through these literary works; my teachers + their teachings + our community. The three pillars.

What topics are on the table? Mainly happiness. Happiness by means of exploring positive psychology, mindfulness practices, yoga, and humor. Yes, some David Sedaris and Sarah Vowell will make it on the short list. My wish list is long, though so I want you to weigh in with your votes for what should make it to the top of the list. Take a look at this first batch of 10 and tell which ones would get you out of the house to discuss with us:

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Thanks for your input! Hope to see you on March 15th for Authentic Happiness, the seminal work from the man who gave name to the field of positive psychology. Prose+Pose™ occurs on the third Thursday of each month so look for updates on the next selection.