Career Bounceback!

Jenny Zenner and Jeremy Schifeling

In the spirit of giving back having weathered two layoffs, I’m cohosting a workshop with tech veteran and fellow career coach Jeremy Schifeling. Whether you’ve been laid off, wondering if you’re next, or just really wanting something new, join us as we walk you through making a career move.

During this free workshop, we will cover how to:

+ Address the stress

+ Boost your game

+ Get some cheers

You’ll leave with practical tactics to land the job you want.

Jenny Zenner is no stranger to stress, having been laid off twice, dealt with 20 weeks of preterm contractions with her twins, and suffered repeated concussions (including one inflicted by said twins). But as a former collegiate hurdler, she is used to overcoming obstacles. After starting her career as a substance abuse counselor, Zenner transitioned to lead marketing and product teams at wellness and technology companies and recruited for startups and global brands. Now as a career coach, she works with executives and places MBAs at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Her approach is built on her training in internal family systems, yoga, meditation, and performance psychology.

Jeremy Schifeling has devoted his career to helping others succeed in theirs. From teaching kindergarten in Brooklyn to recruiting top students at Teach For America to leading education marketing at LinkedIn, he’s touched the lives of millions of people at every stage of their journeys. Along the way, he’s published the best-selling LinkedIn book on Amazon, served as a career coach for military veterans and MBA students at the University of Michigan, and produced the most-viewed video in LinkedIn’s history. He currently leads marketing at Khan Academy and shares his thoughts on Break into Tech, a site for anyone who wants to launch a tech career.

Join us Wednesday if you or anyone who’s job searching would like to join. Register here.