Take Comfort Instead

Stress Response Playbook

Could your team use some attention, recognition, appreciation for all that has been thrown at them? In short, some grace? What if instead of having to quiet quit, your team could take comfort that they are valued? You could trust each other to deliver and feel safe, both to ask for help and call out the unnecessary. 

Many don’t feel safe to have these direct conversations. Billionaires blasting worker bees for not producing can’t be helping morale after the last 50+ months of life on planet earth. The burnout is real.

Security. Along with the space for self-expression. These are the two underlying drives I see in how we behave. We all want both in our own unique and not-so-unique ways. 

I am now offering my “Stress Response Playbook” intro workshop to teams who could use some acknowledgment and help in response to the accumulated stress and strain.

What do I mean by team? Your coworkers, book club, volunteer group, class, nonprofit board, actual sporting team…whoever your peeps are. If you’re interested, let’s talk.