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If Nothing Else, Breathe

“My appointment with life is here and now,” is a quote I heard from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (a.k.a. Thay) last October. Fortunately for me, my dear hubby, John, watched the boys while I escaped for a retreat in the desert hills overlooking San Diego. I justified the pilgrimage noting Thay is 87, hence […]


As you ponder the workload of parenting, efforts to pay equal attention to the kids, your own attempts at self-care, life with multiples rarely feels balanced, even, or equal. If you’re feeling pulled to extremes, look toward March 20th, the spring equinox, a day of equal daylight and darkness, the tipping point from winter into […]

Get Some Holiday Health

As we dive into the holidays, here are some tricks to fend off weight gain, none of which involve exercise. Get It Out of Sight: We can use the same tricks on ourselves that we use on our kids. While you’re hiding presents from prying little eyes, identify a place for your own stockpile. We’re […]


Prose+Pose™ is officially launching this month! On March 15th at 7pm, we’ll be sharing Seligman’s Authentic Happiness together at 5focus. Prose+Pose™ emerged out of my own desire to join a book club as I continue to explore the writings that inform and inspire my yoga teaching while feeling pressed to fit anything into my schedule as a MoM […]


In an effort to direct my reading of the Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology (my birthday gift from my husband), I’ll be posting my reflections on the chapters as I go. Reflections imply 1) I have found the time to read the chapters and 2) I have been able to cognitively process the information in […]


I enter into this as my  7 month old twin boys are tucked away for the night (hopefully)…and resume as one naps upstairs and the other is being cradled in the nanny’s arms. This chapter of my life is calling on all my reserves (internal and extended social network) and exposing where I need reinforcement. […]