Find Time: Prioritize & Pair

Simply put, what do you really want and need to do for the life you want? How can you kill the time sucks? Where should you invest your time? I invite you to PRIORITIZE and PAIR.

Prioritize. Yes, doing less frees you. Author and teacher Jennifer Louden calls it the “conditions of enoughness:” a daily declaration of what you want and the action you will take to create it. So where to begin? Make exacting, conscious decisions regarding what opportunities to embrace or reject. Two recent books to inspire paring down are Arianna Huffington’s  Thrive and Essentialism from  Greg McKeown who asserts, “Every use of time, energy, or resources has to justify its existence anew.” Look at your schedule and start eliminating the activities that detract from your mission.

Pair. But then again there are those things that you truly want to do and there are only so many hours in the day. So double up doing what is essential for you. Listen to a podcast while commuting. Host a playdate potluck to socialize while making getting dinner on the table half as hard. Have a friend join you at the gym either literally or virtually on a call as you log time on an elliptical and reconnect.

Good luck as you cut and combine!