Jenny Zenner

Find Time: Prioritize & Pair

Simply put, what do you really want and need to do for the life you want? How can you kill the time sucks? Where should you invest your time? I invite you to PRIORITIZE and PAIR. Prioritize. Yes, doing less frees you. Author and teacher Jennifer Louden calls it the “conditions of enoughness:” a daily declaration of what you want and the action […]

Join the Meditation Party

Toying with the idea of meditating? Maybe you think to yourself, yeah, but it looks like you need all this paraphernalia. I don’t have a puffy cushion or a gong or an auspicious altar. So how can I even begin? I’ll admit, I’m someone who likes a prop or two. I own a few sets […]

Mardi Meditation

By chance do you have a New Year’s resolution to meditate? Are you wanting to start or restart a meditation practice? If so, let’s do this together. Mardi Gras is Fat Tuesday in French, so Mardi is Tuesday. And meditation is, well, méditation. So watch for Tuesday posts for new guided meditations to try. Why […]

If Nothing Else, Breathe

“My appointment with life is here and now,” is a quote I heard from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (a.k.a. Thay) last October. Fortunately for me, my dear hubby, John, watched the boys while I escaped for a retreat in the desert hills overlooking San Diego. I justified the pilgrimage noting Thay is 87, hence […]

But What About Our Bellies?

President Obama, Paul Allen, and the Dalai Lama are in cahoots to understand the human condition. In April, the President announced his proposed $100 million BRAIN initiative (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies), comparing the effort to the Human Genome Project “to have a lasting positive impact on lives, the economy, and our national security.” […]

It's the Gluten, Grandpa

I need to confess. I’m a descendant of a long line of wheat farmers and our house is going gluten-free. That’s right, we purged the Pillsbury pie crusts, converted to rice pasta, and munch on nut crackers. Grandpa Al must be rolling over in his grave, but I’m married to a new man. My father […]

Feed What's Hungry

We are bred to be vigilant, scanning for threats to our wellbeing. Our fight, flight, or freeze response is central to our survival as a species. When our energy stores start to dip, our bodies begin to get anxious, sensing the risk of hunger.  Unfortunately, that anxious feeling we get when hunger approaches feels a […]


As you ponder the workload of parenting, efforts to pay equal attention to the kids, your own attempts at self-care, life with multiples rarely feels balanced, even, or equal. If you’re feeling pulled to extremes, look toward March 20th, the spring equinox, a day of equal daylight and darkness, the tipping point from winter into […]

Get Some Holiday Health

As we dive into the holidays, here are some tricks to fend off weight gain, none of which involve exercise. Get It Out of Sight: We can use the same tricks on ourselves that we use on our kids. While you’re hiding presents from prying little eyes, identify a place for your own stockpile. We’re […]