Find Time: Prioritize & Pair

Simply put, what do you really want and need to do for the life you want? How can you kill the time sucks? Where should you invest your time? I invite you to PRIORITIZE and PAIR. Prioritize. Yes, doing less frees you. Author and teacher Jennifer Louden calls it the “conditions of enoughness:” a daily declaration of what you want and the action […]

Join the Meditation Party

Toying with the idea of meditating? Maybe you think to yourself, yeah, but it looks like you need all this paraphernalia. I don’t have a puffy cushion or a gong or an auspicious altar. So how can I even begin? I’ll admit, I’m someone who likes a prop or two. I own a few sets […]

Mardi Meditation

By chance do you have a New Year’s resolution to meditate? Are you wanting to start or restart a meditation practice? If so, let’s do this together. Mardi Gras is Fat Tuesday in French, so Mardi is Tuesday. And meditation is, well, méditation. So watch for Tuesday posts for new guided meditations to try. Why […]