What Hurdles Are You Facing?

What hurdles are you facing (or trying to ignore)? What obstacles are in your life, career, business, relationships, health, finances, family…? How would you feel to gracefully get over just one of those hurdles? What would life look like on the other side? Maybe you don’t know. Maybe now is a good time to ask for help. But maybe you do know the steps to take to at least get closer to the hurdle, finding the strength, the speed, the flexibility to push forward with grace. Sure you can sloppily, awkwardly plow through. Maybe you fall on your face. Learn from it if you do. Get up with grace and stand tall.

Take a few moments. Let’s not try to run the whole race. Let’s just get over the first hurdle. Picture your hurdle in front of you. Breathe. Imagine facing your hurdle. Breathe.

Inhale, face your hurdle.

Exhale, see your hurdle.

Inhale, feel strong.

Exhale, be strong.

Inhale, feel flexible.

Exhale, be flexible.

In. Out. Over.

What is one step you can take toward gracefully clearing one hurdle in your life?

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