On the Plus Side

What good has graced you today? We are wired to better remember the bad, the scary, the threat. Getting the good ingrained from observation to memory takes work.

Sit tall or lay long. Breathe fully, deeply. Start a mental tally of anything you can add to the plus side. Breathe in and out and admit some positives. Keep going until you get to 10.

Breathe in one.

Breathe out one.

Breathe in two.

Breathe out two.

Breathe in three.

Breathe out three.

Breathe in four.

Breathe out four.

Breathe in five.

Breathe out five.

Breathe in six.

Breathe out six.

Breathe in seven.

Breathe out seven.

Breathe in eight.

Breathe out eight.

Breathe in nine.

Breathe out nine.

Breathe in ten.

Breathe out ten.



#mardimeditation #seedstogrowgrace