I enter into this as my  7 month old twin boys are tucked away for the night (hopefully)…and resume as one naps upstairs and the other is being cradled in the nanny’s arms. This chapter of my life is calling on all my reserves (internal and extended social network) and exposing where I need reinforcement. My current nightstand stack of books includes: Four Seasons in Rome (we’ll see what an Idahoan twin dad in Italy has to say)  Raising Happiness, and the Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology. Other post-partum reads have included Poser: my life in 23 yoga poses, Devotion, Authentic Happiness, and The Happiness Project. The theme: a self-study positive psychology PhD. Join me on this journey as I integrate the field of positive psychology with my background and ongoing exploration of yoga, Buddhism, sport psychology, sustainability, leadership, marketing and wellness.



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