I am a firm believer in the discipline of distraction. Not numbing, checking out, or ignoring important data. Rather, recognizing all is not wrong with the world. There are glimmers of goodness. Are you caught in a doom loop? Try this to tip the scales:

Stand up.

Take a moment and shift your attention to anything you can that brings you gratitude or hope.

Now slowly, deliberately, walk and breathe carrying with you the thought of gratitude or hope.

Step, breathe in.

Step, breathe out.

Step, breathe in.

Step, breathe out.

Step, inhale.

Step, exhale.

Behold rays of bright shiny beauty visible for us to see at the ready.

Where were you able to shift your focus, if only momentarily? Share!
#mardimeditation #seedstogrowgrace @jennyzenner

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