Jenny Zenner

Hurdler Turned Helper

Jenny Zenner is no stranger to stress, having been laid off twice, dealt with 20 weeks of preterm contractions with her twins, and suffered repeated concussions (including one inflicted by said twins). But as a former collegiate hurdler, she is used to overcoming obstacles. After starting her career as a substance abuse counselor, Zenner transitioned to lead marketing and product teams at wellness and technology companies and recruited for startups through global brands for nearly 20 years. Now as a career coach, she places MBAs from the top-ranked University of Virginia Darden School of Business into roles at the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Her coaching approach is built on her training in addictions counseling, yoga, meditation, performance psychology, and most recently internal family systems. Zenner earned her MBA and MEd in sport and exercise psychology from the University of Virginia and a BS in psychology with a minor in addictions studies from Washington State University. Through her workshops, coaching, and writing, Zenner shares her own hard-won wisdom to help others grow what she likes to call grace. Should the big earthquake hit Seattle, you’ll likely find her buried under books, outdoor gear, and Legos.

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